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"For many years I acted like one of those legendary anonymous prehistoric painters...

They were exercising their drawing abilities away from nature: probably in almost complete darkness and in isolation.


It is thought that they practiced some kind of witchery: their activities were supposed to help their tribes. By painting those animals, they hoped and prayed that the hunt would be successful. The images found on cave walls are of equisite beauty. 

It is not known if the colors were really the original ones. I see and feel the drawings as if they were painted today, "contemporary", "mature".


When you look at details of those paintings - they appear not painted ON the wall, but rather AN INTEGRAL PART of it. Almost an abstract painting, but with a "life drawing" IN it.

I like this idea, implementing it would mean I can, in the same piece, "weld" both drawing and painting together, melting them into one whole. Both darkness and light would serve the cause of making the upcoming hunt successful...


A few years ago, I started making similar drawings of animals. 

I called them "Cave Paintings".

These animals can somehow be regarded as "Self Portraits" or inner battles not yet fought..."

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