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"Shivah", in memory of Shalom Dallal, Eliahu's father. Printed in 1991.


In the epilogue of his booklet “Shivah", which consists of seven poems and seven paintings, Dallal writes:

“My parents left the Orient in haste.

When they arrived to 'The Promised Land' they were urged to change their clothes. They were in such a hurry, they forgot to take off their old ones and wore the new upon the old.

When they had the opportunity to look at themselves, they laughed and wanted to remove the old clothes.

Yet those, they realized, were cleaved to their skin.

They tried to scrub them off their bodies;

strips of old rare cloth and shreds of bleeding skin fell down.

I gathered these and hid them in the pocket -

of the first blue jeans that my father bought me.”

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